kEngkAwaN saYe

11 May 2013

Setahun sudah :)

Fuh fuh..  
Alhamdulillah.. Its been a year for us meant together, such a tough year so far but it bring the most magnificent moments :)
Many many thanks to my luvly wife for this anniversary.. a girl who has a cute face *zzzz..*  tiny voice  *not for the first time I ring her :p*  and the most amazingly she's very strong girl. very proud and thankful to have u.
as our first son umar uways such a greatest gift for us :). Boleh geng g futsal pas nie hehe. insyaAllah they will be here next month, may Allah ease our plan. 
And again thanks for her for everything, really luv u.. 
May Allah be with us!

 From Brisbane with luv..

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